Our Repair Services

What made Door2Door keep its tenure as a household name in garage door repair are the services we provide with efficacy and care, at a reasonable price that is all worth it. We take pride in the following:

1.    24/7 Availability

Emergency breakdowns may happen anytime, even at hours when everyone should be asleep. Door2Door makes life easier for you by becoming available anytime you need us. Garage door repairs need not wait for the sunshine. Call us and we’ll be there right away.

2.    Child Lock and Added Security

Your old garage door may have been very efficient, except that it is not so child-friendly.  Aside from keeping our valuables inside the garage secure, our garage doors also need to keep our children safe. Door2Door can always install this safety feature, and make some unnecessary worries away.

3.    Expertise with Various Door Types

We have come to accept different tastes when it comes to design and functionality, including garage doors. Whether you opted for a simple entry or the most automated passage, we can be of help with the following door types and parts (and more!):

a.    Door Panel and Hinges

We take care of the most visible part of your garage, the door! Our staff knows exactly where and how to check for dents and any potential issues. We replace those worn hinges torn by time and rain.

b.    Springs and Tracks

Door2Door ensures the mechanism of your garage door serves its purpose without doubt and failure – from the springs that lift your door overhead to the tracks that allow movement.

c.    Sensors

As a vital tool in automatic garage doors, your sensors may break down and need repair, too.     Door2Door can these sensors work again to your convenience and security.

Door2Door would like to make the most of our visits. We’d rather build a reputation by completing our tasks in one go than any negative reviews on our services. We inspect your garage doors and assess if replacements are feasible before we perform any repairs, thus saving us time and money.