About Us

logo_2With its headquarters in Boston, MA, Door2Door has served the country’s needs for quality and cost-effective garage door repairs for years.  We have built a strong clientele base over time, which required us to expand into different branches throughout the United States.

In most houses, a garage serves a crucial function. This area of the house is the haven that shelters your most valued vehicles and keeps tools intact. We have also heard about and seen bands practice their music and people who have conveniently kept both treasures and junk away from their houses in these sheds. Whatever purpose it serves, the garage would not be complete without its door, and this is where Door2Door come to the picture.

Whether you installed a manual or an electric entry to your garage, repairs may take a serious load of work and resource in times of need. While many do-it-yourself projects have surfaced throughout the years, having a repair team to take care of your garage doors makes the difference, efficiently and worry-free.

Door2Door is a set of men who have developed a career in fixing garage doors and an absolute love for it. We have answered a thousand calls to residential and business needs for a repair and have witnessed our clients’ satisfaction every time.

If your door happened to act up on your garage, remember that we are just a call away. Give us a call and we’ll locate the nearest branch personnel to come to your rescue.